Botox & Brushes

Botox & Brushes

Ladies and Gentleman, you are invited to attend our Botox and Brushes party! Once a month we offer an evening of painting, wine, Botox, fun, dermal fillers, and more! Tickets are $25 each to secure your spot and is credited toward your Botox/Xeomin/Filler purchase. Spots are limited so make sure to RSVP ASAP. We are offering $9 per unit Botox/Xeomin and $100 off filler that night only!

Please do not RSVP for painting only, spots are reserved for injectable clients only.

Call us at 937-310-1369 for details!

*No refunds or exchanges* Reservations are for injectable clients only. Painting only is not permitted as it takes a spot from someone wanting injections. Please call with any questions.