Spice Wellness & Medspa offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are essential to the proper functions of our bodies. As we age, hormone levels decrease, often resulting in the following symptoms:

Fatigue                          Dry/Sagging skin           Night Sweats

Headaches                    Weight gain                    Aches and pains

Anxiety                          Insomnia                         Cold feet and hands

Hot flashes                   Low libido                       Muscle and bone loss

Hormone depletion can start much earlier in some people, in some cases as soon as the early 30’s.  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a natural way to stabilize your hormone levels, keep your body looking and feeling its best and potentially avoid disease and aging.

The only way to accurately determine hormone levels is through a blood test.

Bioidentical hormones are derived from yams and soy and mirror the hormones your body normally produces-unlike traditional synthetic hormones that often come with unwanted side effects.

Our certified wellness consultants will take you through the process of our hormone screen which starts with an initial review of health and symptoms.  From there, our practitioners will advise the correct hormone therapy based on your personal health and lab results. Throughout treatment, we will closely monitor your hormone levels and well being to ensure you get the most out of your therapy!  



Men suffer from Andropause which may not manifest as drastically as menopause in women but has similar debilitating effects.

Irritability                          Depression                          Weight gain

Muscle loss                        Low libido                            Erectile dysfunction

Hair loss                             Hot flashes                          Night sweats

Memory loss                      Insomnia                              Fatigue

Low energy                        Gynecomastia


Hormones Explained:

Testosterone-Responsible for energy, libido and ability to maintain weight and muscle mass

Estrogen-Protects heart, bone and vaginal health. Helps maintain healthy weight

Progesterone-Natural anti-depressant and and initiates sleep

Thyroid-regulates metabolism and vitality

DHEA-helps support testosterone, boosts muscle mass and immunity

Pregnenolone-maintains healthy cognitive function


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*individual results may vary*