Spice Wellness & Medspa offers several medically supervised weight loss programs. 

Our dedicated weight loss specialists are committed to helping you find a QUICK, REALISTIC and HEALTHY way to not only lose weight, but keep it off and acquire improved daily habits. We offer medically supervised weight loss programs that include one-on-one accountability and coaching, from diets to appetite suppression.

During your initial consultation, you will learn about the various options we offer and how our program works. We will work with you to customize the right plan for your weight loss journey based on medical background, lab results and lifestyle.

Once enrolled, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Medical consultation with our medical provider

Weekly meetings and weight loss tracking

Menu and grocery guidelines

Continuing support



Why do I need Medical Weight Loss? Can’t I just do a ‘regular’ diet?

We help you to follow a regular diet but make it easier to succeed and see quick results! Food is such an intricate part of our personal, social and professional lives-it can be so difficult to navigate when trying to lose weight. We support you with medically prescribed diet tools and personal attention to prevent failure.

I don’t want to just gain it all back…will I be able to maintain on my own?

Yes! We believe in setting our clients up with the right tools and education to tackle weight loss initially and empowering them to healthily continue on their own once their goal is reached. We focus nurturing a healthy outlook on diet, lifestyle and habits.


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*individual results may vary*